Why Your Website Copy Is Important

It is not very often that we find ourselves in a website that makes us go “Wow! That is just tailor made for me” and moves us to click through. Have you wondered how some websites tend to have that effect on people? You might have probably heard of how content is king. Let me introduce you to the most important piece on the board, “website copy- the queen”. A website copy is the collection of “core” text in your website that defines and markets the content to your audience. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why writing a website copy using a good content writer is important.

A good copy is the science of persuasion in itself:

Have you ever found yourself reciting a brand’s slogan or felt motivated to buy a product for its inspiring catchphrase? Well, there is the perfect example for good copy writing.
The aim of a copy is to introduce a new idea of the brand to the people with the intension of making a sale or prompt them to take action. That is the reason they are found almost everywhere- in websites, ads, brochures, flyers etc.

It projects your brand image:

Websites are the first points of contacts of a brand with its customers. But if you think you are safely on track to success with just a high quality website, think again. Because what is a website worth if it doesn’t have direction. What is your brand philosophy? How much do you value your customers? What do your previous clients say about you? A good website copy answers all these important questions and some more to give your brand a fighting chance in a tough world.

It boosts your website’s SEO and User experience:

As you may know, SEO is important to get organic traffic to your website. Your ranking depends on the quality of your content and how effectively you have used keywords. A well written website copy that is in line with the website copy guidelines would surely have quality content, well researched keywords and effectively used keywords. It also ensures users find the content they are looking for easily by guiding them to relevant information thus providing an excellent user experience.
The sheer number of websites that come to your mind while reading this blog is evidence enough of the role website copy has played in elevating businesses. So when are you getting yours?